Freedom of Information

Having the access to hidden information is an important part in society. In Australia, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, individuals have the right, with limited exceptions, to access to government documents.

This is important for many reasons, including:

1.      FOI allows individuals to see what information government holds about them, and to seek correction of that information if they consider it wrong or misleading.

2.      FOI enhances the transparency of policy making, administrative decision making and government service delivery.

3.      A community that is better informed can participate more effectively in the nation’s democratic processes.

In 2012 the Trio Hedge fund was caught out for being responsible for Australia’s largest superannuation theft, affecting more than 6000 investors. Incidents such as the collapse of the Trio Capital Group raises issues concerning regulators like ASIC and APRA, and had people questioning as to why the largest financial frauds in Australian history had not been investigated.

Because this issue has been so hidden, a group called Victims of Financial Fraud, has helped investigate issues with the government and tax frauds. VOFF executive, John Telford, has helped explain the issues and what VOFF does.

Here is a podcast that goes further in depth to the Victims of Financial Group:


If you would live to request document access, here is a link that will help you understand how to apply:



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