Tumblr Universe: Part 3

Tumblr is different from Twitter and Facebook, where individuals write their lives for all to see through personal pictures and status updates. Tumblr is a social media website where people upload and re-blog millions of posts each day.

The second interview was with a male student from the University of Wollongong. To keep the idea of privacy and the public sphere, I have decided to also keep his identity hidden – because hey, if he doesn’t like people knowing his Tumblr, why should I give out his identity on a platform where we write about our thoughts?

After identifying this idea, I compared WordPress and Tumblr, where both media platforms allow an individual the opportunity to write, comment, like, and post texts/images on their own page. But the major difference is still that Tumblr is a platform that society hides from one another.


The university student mentions “It got a little to mainstream and I had felt like I had lost my little private hub.” Suspended between real and fake, individuals begin to be caught in time and the digital space waits to be heard and for their identities to take public shape. So in the end, this “hub” is broken down.

Listen to the previous interview here: https://classicmerge.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/tumblr-universe-part-1/




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