The Milky Way of life

To begin on the idea of space and the topic of what this post is surrounded on, Doreen Massey mentions space by stating that cultural geographers argue that space is not a fixed or material container for things, people, or time Therefore the idea of space throughout this post is a story of my life so far.

So I welcome you to the Milky Way called Georgia

If I were to tell you that my room was my own space, I would be lying. If I said that driving around in my car was my way of being on my own, I would be lying. But if I were to tell you the truth, I would explain to you that my “space” is each step I take, each km I travel, and each memory I make. My space is what I find in myself and through my own experiences and those of what other people or places share. It’s these actions and memories I decide to take each day that tell the story of who I am as a person today.

By creating these memories and travelling the way I do each day I’ve learnt that my memory is as good as a goldfish’ and constantly end up using my phone to hold everything. From Facebook, to Twitter, to constantly uploading photos to Snapchat and Instagram; my life is a constant whirlpool on so many media platforms.

This media space has created so many opportunities for me to follow the world around me on a different aspect. I could be in bed but be donkey riding in Greece. I could be at university and instead of talking to other students, I will be talking to relatives in Serbia. So not only have I been able to travel by foot and show off my own everyday journey, I’m also living the life of everyone I know. (If you want to know how it feels to be drunk and dance stupidly check out my Instagram. I’m a real joy)

Overall I’ve learnt that my phone is the only thing that I enjoy having around with me whilst I sleep and eat. It’s become comforting knowing I can space out on my own time and enjoy the company of people who aren’t always physically there.








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