Research proposal


With every task being mandatory throughout University, every tear that has fallen from my eyes mean a little more each time I know that I’ve left my assignment too late. The idea that I’d be able to study on the bus ride from Sydney to Wollongong quickly fell through when I realised all I would be doing is catching up on sleep. From that moment (the second year of regretful bus journeys) on, driving seemed to be a more reliable alternative.

The question I have chosen has therefore generated over the fist 3 weeks of anger attacks and terrifying stalling moments as I wait for half-an-hour for a multi-storey parking spot.  It seems that the more “reliable” way has not only put myself and half the students at Wollongong University in unpredictable situations but also caused us to turn on one another for a car spot.


Through having the option to create a larger thesis through partner work meant that my primary question, “How long has it taken you to find parking at University?”, could be expanded to the partnering questions of “What lengths have you gone to get a parking?” or “How much are you willing to pay for a spot?” And hopefully, allow more information to be produced.

I’ve chosen this thesis due to having both experiences of taking public transport and driving. Therefore, the aim is to not only reassure myself that I’m not only one going through 10 extreme anger attacks in one day but to also understand what lengths students will go to to not miss a class and also what they find more comforting.

By researching student opinions, public interest and personal recordings through surveys, I will be able to compare the personal aspect of the proposal with secondary sources that other universities have researched. This will give me a deeper understanding and comparison between Universities and not just Wollongong students.

And to think that I thought assignments would only give me anxiety…


One thought on “Research proposal

  1. I’m really so glad that you’re looking at the question of anger. It’s going to be tricky to find the right background sources on this, but you’re looking at something important: how does service provision stress affect service participation? (In this case, it’s parking; for other organisations it’s queuing time; for media organisations it’s things like advertisement volume or buffering time.) How do we manage our sense of being on edge when things aren’t as we hoped they’d be?

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