Curious Georgia


“Both childhood and adolescence are ages full of curiosity, but where the child tends to be focused on investigating and exploring the world, the adolescent tends to be eager to experiment with and experience the worldly”

This probing feeling of knowing the unknown is the encouragement many of us need to explore the world, but whereas a child’s curiosity meant doing the opposite when told ‘no’, simply to gain an understanding of the world, an adolescent’s meant lurking through information that could ruin and change logical reasoning to many cases.

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” has become an overused thought throughout my family. But fortunately for myself, that never stopped me from adventuring out of that comfort zone and coming home with a new scar and another story. But with these memorable moments hold confronting and distressing stories that have left a mark on my persona and hidden the eccentricity of my life.
I believe that having an older sibling, who managed to get into trouble every day, kept my mind racing and body burning with the desire to follow his footsteps – hence the scars.

As I grew older, the curiosity of wanting to know everything started to become NEEDING to know everything, even if this meant being physically and emotionally hurt. The hunger to learn new things and disobey orders became an addiction as the thought of being kept away started to become maddening. In order to understand why I’m like this, I had to remember other personality traits, such as my stubbornness, which not only helps me get what I want but gets me into sticky situations.

So as I sit here and remember the day that passed, I continue to ask myself “when will my last life be?”


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