Our culture, our dance, And the future

Around the world, people are constantly sharing their cultural customs and beliefs, but with our new generation obsessed with technological devices and other distractions…is it possible to live in a world of multiculturalism`?

I decided to interview my cousin, 18-year-old, Angela Strbac. For years, Angela and myself grew up with family members participating in Serbian folkloric dancing. As young kids, I remember both of us laughing at the costumes and whining at every festival about the amount of weight we carried from the wool of the skirts. But as we became adults, we gained more family members with the people we danced with and never-ending friendships. After I stopped in 2012, Angela continued and keeps me up to date with their worldwide travels.

I never realised how important it was to keep our traditions alive in our society until I realised not many people know who they are or where they come from. Both Angela and I are looking forward to teaching our own kids to dance, to gain their own family, and to love teaching society something about Serbian traditions.


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