A month after the Martin Place siege, Sydney Australia was once again put on hold as Circular Quay went into lockdown. The bomb squad, sniffer dogs and police were quick to lock down the area – including buses, ferries and trains – as a precaution over the suspicious object on the ‘Friendship’ ferry.

ABC news, The Daily telegraph and SBS news were quick to post the anxious moment that had residents on hold for 90 minutes. As the drama unfolded and the unattended object was deemed unsuspicious, the public still remained on edge;

“There were people starting to get a bit anxious in the area. (Some of the tourists) were saying they were going to leave Sydney because of the police presence.” Says Matt Cameron, a worker in the Sydney CBD.

“This is how we have to live. I think this is it,” Marry Bennett told SBS

‘Unexpectedly’ two days before the lockdown, Police officers were told to take extra precautions following global terror attacks.

‘Australia’s police force is on high terror alert, following the increase of the national police terror threat level from medium to high” writes Peter Terlato, The Business Insider.

Ultimately the apprehensive object was described as a bottle full of wires, nails and liquids…as well as training equipment. After opening the area up for the public, police were hesitant to give any details away but ABC news revealed the bottles were training equipment and were meant to be used in a security exercise.

“We can now confirm that the unattended package was a training device, which was not recognised as a typical training device by staff,” says Steffen Faurby, the chief executive office of Harbour City Ferries.


It seems as though police have mastered the skill of manipulation as they have once again returned the feelings of fear into society. Their investigations seemed dramatic and the public were left to feel anxious over a police procedure


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