The Dragon of modern time

Once upon a time, there once lived a group of children who lived in the lands of knee high grass, soggy socks, muddy hair and ripped clothing. From blankets to tunnels, their houses changed every day. Their neighbours were either their enemies or their teammates. And their parents? Their parents would be stashed away in their mansion where they sat awaiting their child’s arrival at night.

These are the children who played hide and seek on the streets, rather than being on their phone. They are the kids who watched The Simpsons at 6:00pm and went back outside to play murder in the dark, instead of sneaking out and meeting up with friends. These are the kids who played ‘mums and dads’ instead of actually becoming a mum and dad.

So what changed?

The idea that television makes you fat has become a massive issue in society. The increase of anxiety over the matter though doesn’t change the behaviour of many people. Technology, in general, is like the fire breathing dragon that we all became scared of in Disney movies. Its fire burned down a 21st-century child’s privilege to experience everything we once did. But in saying that, how does a child become burnt by technology? They learn from the people around them. So is the media really to blame? Or is it the parents who are either living in fear that their child will be abducted or is it the parents who are too lazy to care for their children, that they end up giving in and placing them in front of a TV?

In my opinion it isn’t television that makes you fat, overall it is someone’s actions that possess them to live an unhealthy lifestyle. How we grow up and in what environment we grow up in, is vital to our wellbeing when we are older. For example, my parents never told me to sit down and watch TV, in fact, they encouraged me to play all the sports I could. Maybe that’s why television never interested me.
But at the same time movies – both children and adult – have adapted to the use of ‘product placement’. The marketing of junk food in movies/TV Shows influences a person’s food preference, which is typically unhealthy. Therefore the lack of physical activity and increase of junk food consumption can, in fact, lead to obesity

In my eyes, television has become less of a problem due to the increase in handheld technology which seems to be the main problem, as more children find it more entertaining to play Farmville on Facebook rather than get dirt on their face outside. And parents are relying more on technology to behave their kids and find it more convenient to keep them quiet by handing them a phone, rather than teaching them manners.

So with technology beginning to act as a replacement for responsible decision-making, instead as a tool for human productivity. Is obesity inevitable?

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3 thoughts on “The Dragon of modern time

  1. Well written blog you’ve got here! Very interesting to read. I agree with you that television doesn’t seem like that big of an issue in this day and age because we have other things replacing these screens like iPads, iPhones, Laptops, and the list goes on!
    No matter what happens, we will always have an issue with obesity as some individuals wish not to change their lifestyle whether that be because of their food or their lifestyle


  2. I admire the balance you have between an opinionated and neutral take on such a “large” topic. I was very intrigued by the examples you used of your own life and how you have compared such experience to the general child of today.

    I especially loved your comment about product placement and advertising, at first I found it slightly out of place but through your writing I came to realise it’s significance, so thank you for that clarification!

    I do have to agree with you on the majority of the points you have raised in this piece, I do believe that it is not the televisions fault we are getting “fat”, it is up to us to take control of our health and make our own choices in doing so. Of course, there are plenty of exterior influences that will sway a person (especially a child) towards unhealthy amounts of television or similar activity, however this is still human error! It is still the responsibility of either the individual or the individuals parents to display healthy attitudes and make healthy choices.

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