UOW life

UOW life #1


No one prepared me for my food to be taken away from me my first day. Nor did they tell me I was going to yell at a bunch of ducks to go away a majority of the week. But that’s the reality at UOW, you and the ducks build a relationship by starving and offering a peace treaty.
This gentleman obviously has more experience than I do. In fact, the image perceives them as old friends, with the old role model of evil, in the background. The stance of the duck is similar to the statues, and looks like the gentleman has developed a relationship throughout the years with many of the ducks

UOW life #2


This assignment freaked me out. Hell, I didn’t even think I would be able to ask someone a question without stuttering. Going up to randoms who reject you, ignore you, and don’t want to help; annoyed me. But as I looked around, more than a majority of my classmates were experiencing the same difficulties. When it came to videotaping and portraits, it was difficult to find something that hasn’t already been done. So with this image I wanted to show everyone studying journal/communications etc. that it is totally normal to feel uncomfortable.

Just go with the flow 


One thought on “UOW life

  1. There is a common theme for the photographs, which I found quite intriguing. That is the fact that both are taken quite discreetly, without the attention of the subject/s, and without any sense of staging. This adds a unique and interesting atmosphere to your photographs, it gives a somewhat birds-eye perspective, an outsider’s view.


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