The beginning of a rambling mind

13 years.

Seven years of learning the alphabet and trying not to use your fingers to figure out the multiplication of nine. Another six years of constantly being moved from your friends when you wouldn’t even be the one talking. And altogether thirteen years of contemplating arm amputation. But throughout all those years, never once did you think that you would have to start all over again..that was until you sat down and tried to think of what you wanted to study for the next four years.

Let’s be honest, more than a majority of us felt like Dory from Finding Nemo throughout our final year of high school. We were constantly winging exams when we wouldn’t understand what the teacher would say. Then after procrastinating for weeks we would try to control our anxiety attacks as we get lost in the sea full of notes that we desperately tried to copy whilst listening to a teacher, who herself, couldn’t speak English properly.

But as we finished our final HSC exam we were able to finally relate to the memorable quote:

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”

And for many of us, including myself, this has become one of the most reliable quotes that I can relate all my actions too. Especially during my first week of university when I was requested many times to make a blog. I guess the only positive thing so far is knowing that my arms wont fall out of their sockets by constantly putting my arm up (thanks to the guy who asked if we had to put our hand up to use the bathroom – LIFESAVER)

Well after my first week of university I can (happily?) say that this will be a long 3 years of me “swimming” . But hopefully when I get used to it, i’ll find my way back home and finally be settled in.

So throughout this blog I hope you all enjoy my input on the trends and problems that are affecting myself and the world we live in.


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